5 Signs of a Heat Stroke

Did you know a heat stroke can increase the body’s temperature to 106 degrees in as little as 10 to 15 minutes? Working in extreme heat can be more than uncomfortable, it can lead to serious injuries and illnesses. Before you go to work, know the signs of a heat stroke.

A heat stroke is the MOST serious heat-related illness according to the CDC. It happens when the body’s temperature rises too fast, sweating fails, and the body is unable to cool itself down. If this illness is not treated immediately, it can lead to permanent brain damage or result in death.

What are signs and symptoms to look for?

Prevention is the best way to avoid heat illnesses. If your job requires you to work in a hot environment, be aware of these signs of a heat stroke:

• High body temperature
• Confusion
• Hot/dry skin
• Unconsciousness
• Seizures

What should you do if someone is having a heat stroke?

The CDC recommends the following steps:
• Call 911 immediately
• Move the worker to a shaded or cool area
• Place a cold wet cloth or ice on the worker’s hands, neck or armpits
• Circulate the air around the worker to help speed cooling

OHC believes prevention is better than the cure. Remember to be proactive when working in hot environments. Take the necessary steps to avoid a heat stroke, keep an eye out for co-workers, and know how to spot the symptoms in the case of an emergency.




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