Dear Santa: A Letter On Workshop And Sleigh Travel Safety

Dear Santa,

We at OHC are so excited that Christmas is quickly approaching and can’t wait for your visit in a few weeks! Christmas time is one of our favorite times of the year, and we are always thinking about the your safety and your workshop of elves. We wanted to send you a friendly reminder of a few things that need to be put into practice to ensure your workshop is a safe environment for you, Mrs. Clause, and your diligent elves.

We know that your elves are master carpenters and are crafting wonderful gifts for us year-round . To make certain their precious eyes are protected from flying wood or metal chips please make sure that they are wearing proper eye protection.

Your elves’ hands are one of their most precious assets, so we need to make sure they are spared from any unnecessary injuries such as splinters, scrapes, or cuts. They should be wearing well-fitted, durable gloves at all times during gift crafting and packaging.

We know how attached the elves are to their signature pointed hats, but while at the workshop, it is vital that they wear hard hats. Today, hard hats can be found in a variety of colors to match their festive uniforms, but make sure to never paint them because this could soften the shell, therefore compromising the hat’s integrity.

With the immense amount of elves, projects, machinery, and reindeer games going on in your workshop all at once, we know that it can get pretty loud. To make sure everyone can keep singing (in key) and enjoying their favorite carols, it’s essential that the elves wear ear protection while in these noisy areas to keep their hearing from being damaged.

Because of the fairy dust and chemicals used in your workshop, make sure the elves are wearing respirators at all times so they do not breathe in anything harmful.

Like their hats, we know that your elves are highly fond of their fancy pointy shoes. But, to protect their little fragile toes from heavy objects, it’s crucial that they be required to wear steel-toed boots while at the workshop.

Since you are the official deliverer to all of these wonderful gifts crafted in your workshop, we wanted to make sure your commercial licensing, credentials, and exams are up-to-date. Since you travel seven continents every single year, it’s important that you’ve had all your travel vaccines and that you’ve passed the DOT health exam.

If you need any of these tests administered or need any more workshop safety evaluation/consultation, feel free to stop on by OHC an extra few minutes while you’re in town. We can always make time for you, plus the sugar-free cookies and soy milk will be waiting!

Safe working and traveling,

Your OHC Family

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