Stay Safe Without Losing Your Cool

Keeping cool is especially important in the scorching summer heat, and all of your protective equipment can really weigh you down. But before you start neglecting your personal safety, check out this gear to keep you cool and keep you working.

Cooling Towel
Wrapping a cooling towel around your neck will not only keep the hot sun off your skin, but it will also help reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses. These handy towels are reusable and super easy to use — just add water and get instant relief from the summer heat. Occunomix offers a useful towel by Miracool that rolls up into a small, easy-to-store tube.

Dew Rag
Free yourself from the effects of trapped heat under your protective hard hat with a moisture evaporating dew rag. These comfortable caps stretch to fit over your head, adding a layer of comfort between your scalp and your hard hat. Ergodyne provides a great option: Chill-Its® High-Performance Dew Rag which will wick away hours of sweat and keep you feeling refreshed.

Neck Shade
Keep the brutal sun off your neck with a neck shade. More effective than an old t-shirt, adding water to these shades will keep your neck cool for hours in direct sunlight. Just let water run over it for up to a minute, and you’ll feel instantly refreshed. Grainger offers a great neck shade that’s will be sure to block the blistering sun.

Wide-Brimmed Hat
Keep the sun off your neck with a wide-brimmed extension to your hard hat. Adding an extension to your hard hat can provide you with more shade and relief from the intense rays of the sun.

Cooling Vest
Want a way to cool-off without adding extra weight to your uniform? Try a lightweight cooling vest. Simply add small amounts of water and get immediate and long-lasting coolness for up to three days. This special PPE can help save you from heat stress while also making work in the hot sun bearable. Check out this cooling vest available at your local Safety Source, Inc.

Before you decide to remove your protective gear in hopes of getting relief from the heat, try some of these PPE designed to keep you feeling cool, refreshed and ready to work all summer long. Remember to stay hydrated and take the proper steps to prevent heat illness and heat exhaustion. If complications from working in the heat should arise, please give your friends at OHC a call.


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