Staying fueled during the workday

What we eat fuels us through the day – but what do you do when your job has you on-the-go or on site? For National Nutrition Month, we explore healthy ways you can stay fueled throughout the day.

Hungry workers are less productive and less alert, which can lead to on-the-job accidents. It’s important to pack a lunch that keeps you fueled throughout the day, especially if the job requires time outside in the heat or a good deal of manual labor. But how can you pack a lunch that’s also healthy?

We know that a poor diet can also affect your long-term healthy, and small changes at any meal can have a positive impact. Here are some tips for packing healthy lunches that will keep you fueled and feeling good.

  1. Eat a good breakfast. A long day’s work starts in the morning! Be sure to eat a breakfast that has plenty of protein, which will keep you feeling full for longer. Other good breakfast options include fresh fruit, steel cut oatmeal, or even eggs with plenty of vegetables.
  2. Subs and sandwiches. Try wraps or even sourdough bread to keep your handheld from getting soggy in your lunchbox. Make sure you’ve included vegetables like lettuce and tomato and go light on heavy condiments like mayonnaise.
  3. Pack some jerky for a snack. Jerky will keep you fueled in between meals. Be sure to look for the kind that doesn’t have MSG or nitrites.
  4. Eat foods with a high water content. Foods with high water content include grapes, apples, grapefruit, oranges, and more. Not only will these help fill you up, they will also keep you hydrated if you are working outside in the heat.
  5. Avoid sugary drinks. Stick to water or other light calorie, non-caffeine beverages.
  6. Pack in a cooler. Make sure your food is safe for consumption by packing it in a cooler.

Using your food as fuel will help you make more healthy choices during the workday, leading to a more productive and alert shift.

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