5 Holiday Accidents to Avoid in the Office

Amid the joy of the holiday season, be wary of office accidents that are bound to happen when there’s good cheer involved. Avoid putting a downer on the holidays by reading our tips on how to avoid common holiday accidents in your workplace.

1. Auto Accidents
With dark roads, slick weather and a lot of cars on the road, take extra care when driving to and from the office during the holidays. Always wear your seatbelt to prevent injuries in the case of an accident. While driving for work, stay patient on the roads, traffic rush increases during the holidays.

2. Decorating Accidents
Falls while decorating are a major cause of hospital visits during the season of good cheer. While decorating the office Christmas tree, make sure your ladder is on a steady surface. Have someone hold it still while you decorate. Take notice of extension cords in the hallways and under desks so you don’t trip on them and potentially fall.

3. The Fire is Not-So-Delightful
Suggest to your office manager that testing the smoke alarms and having a fire drill are good practices during the holiday season. To prevent the chance of a fire, don’t overload electrical sockets with cords to computers and decorations. And, if you want to have that Christmas Tree candle scent near your desk, get a candle warmer instead of actually lighting the wick.

4. Take a Snooze
The holidays are busy. Staying out late for holiday parties and waking up early to go to work can be exhausting. While you may feel like you can survive on the caffeine in coffee, be aware that less sleep weakens your immune system, making your more susceptible to colds, the flu and stress. Make sure you get enough sleep at night so you’re well-rested for your job the next day.

5. Cook to Perfection
There’s nothing like food poisoning to ruin your chances of enjoying delicious holiday food. When cooking food to bring to your next office party, be sure to cook them to the recommended temperatures to avoid making your coworkers sick.

Keep these tips in mind to enjoy time with your family and office friends this holiday season. Here at OHC, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday! If you do experience an accident, come to see a health professional at OHC.

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