Don’t Fall For It…

Updated June 19, 2017

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Fall Protection Standard (1926.501) remains the agency’s most cited safety standard to date.

Falls are a common cause of serious injury and death in the workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, there were 350 fatal falls to a lower level out of 937 construction fatalities. OHC believe there is no need for falls to be so common. So the question is why are falls so common?

Falls occur for a number of reasons, such as using the wrong equipment for the job, poor weather conditions, obstructed views and employees failing to use PPE or a safety harness. However, for all the many reasons falls happen, they are completely preventable. With proper safety training and awareness, employers can help reduce the risk of worker injury.

Whether your job site is indoors or outdoors, here are few ways to prevent falls:

Plan ahead
Employers should create a plan to ensure the job is done safely. This can include how the job will be done, what tasks will be completed and what safety equipment should be used.

The right tool for the job
No two jobs are the same. Employers should ensure their workers have the right equipment to complete the job safely; for example, selecting the right ladder, scaffolds, and safety gear.

Safety Training
Awareness is always a huge factor in preventing falls. Therefore, every employee needs to be trained on how to properly use and set job equipment and how to recognize safety hazards on the job.

Falls do not have to be a common injury. Taking the necessary steps can help reduce worker injuries and deaths. OHC believes prevention is better than the cure, and when it’s not, let us be the first call you make.

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