It’s Not too Late to Get a Flu Shot

Flu season is fast approaching. After last winter’s surprise strain of the virus, many people have lost confidence in flu vaccines. While we can understand having mixed feelings about getting a flu shot, it is still a great way to protect yourself from the virus. Health officials are also urging people to give the vaccine a second chance, they believe this year’s formula will be more effective.

Officials say this year’s vaccine will protect against up to four different strains. Dr. William Schaffer of Vanderbilt University and the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases noted that even if a strain mutates, vaccination is the “best defense against the flu.”

If you haven’t got the flu shot yet, you’re in luck, there is still time. With over 170 million doses of the vaccine available, now is the best time to arm yourself before the flu makes its rounds at work.

How can OHC help you?

  • OHC offers four strains of the flu, including the 2015 strain.
  • If you are allergic to feathers or eggs, there are tailored vaccines available.

**It is important to remember that everyone six months and older should be vaccinated.

For more information about flu vaccines OHC offers or to schedule your vaccination, please call 251.436.8039, or visit for any assistance.

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